Who Doesn’t Love Shrimp! Try These 7 Healthy, Protein-Packed Shrimp Recipes!

Shrimp is America’s favorite kind of seafood for good reason. Where should we begin? Start with this Cook This, Not That! guide. For starters, shrimp is one of the most protein-dense foods you can find: each gram of meat packs a whopping 25 percent protein. And that’s great news for anyone looking to lose weight. When you make it a priority to fit protein-rich foods into your diet, you’ll help boost your metabolism (and calorie burn), extend feelings of fullness (so you won’t be reaching into that cookie jar post-dinner), and maintain muscle mass (so your body torches fatter). Protein isn’t the only stellar nutritional benefit. Shrimp is also an excellent source of selenium, an antioxidant mineral which is crucial for maintaining proper thyroid function, and thus, the key to a healthy metabolism. Not to mention, selenium will also support the production of collagen, keeping your skin smooth and glowing. Another killer benefit is shrimp’s vitamin B12 content. A single serving provides nearly 80 percent of your DV of the vitamin, which plays a key role in the function of your brain and nervous system, along with helping your body metabolize proteins and fats. All this, for just a fraction of the calories of other animal-based proteins—and if you buy frozen, it’s also a fraction of the price. If the nutritional don’t sway you, maybe the fact that shrimp are quick to prepare will do so. We know the losing weight on a busy schedule can be tough, so anything that can help you can get dinner on the table in minutes is welcome news. And with their neutral taste, shrimp acts as a blank canvas so you can easily serve it up with any of your favorite fat-burning foods. So whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner, an impressive dinner party appetizer, or homey comfort food, we’ve collected the best recipes to satisfy your needs and keep your weight-loss goals on track.


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