Here Are 9 Fruits That Is Associated With Happiness to Wealth!


You probably didn’t know how everyday fruits are associated with feelings of happiness, righteousness and even temptation.

Did you know that “fruit mood” is a thing? That’s why in Supermarket Psychology (also a thing), bright colors are used to set a good, calming mood for shoppers, which tricks us into spending more. But each fruit also has a story to tell. Ready yourself. It’s about to get emotional in here.

8Berries: Joy

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When California-based Driscoll was genetically engineering the perfect berry, it checked out how people respond to fruit. In a survey conducted by the fruit empire, there seemed to be a direct connection between eating berries, and Joy. The data suggest that berries consistently trigger the strongest, most positive, emotional connections, according to a press release. In fact, this emotional response is a big part of why people eat berries, according to the survey. That’s especially so when compared to other popular fruit and veg, including kale, beets, and lettuce, which are more often associated with functional benefits.



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