7 Touchdown-Worthy Super Bowl Wing Recipes For Your Appetizer Spread!!


Truth be told, I don’t know much about football. But if there’s one thing I can get behind, it’s the food that goes along with the fanfare. While everyone’s gathered around the screen, you’ll find me making a strategic play at the snacking table. And one of the things I’ll be piling high on my plate is chicken wings, in all their bone-licking glory. 

The beauty of wings is that no matter which way you make them—baked, broiled, braised, or fried—they’re pretty hard to get wrong. Once you’ve got those flats and drumettes cooked, all they need is a high-intensity, flavor-packing sauce. Buffalo is the perennial favorite, of course. But there are countless other spicy, sweet, and savory possibilities that are just as appropriate for a Super Bowl-watching party.

In advance of the big game, here are 7 touchdown-worthy Super Bowl wing recipes that will please each and every type of palate, from the heat-loving to the chile-averse. If wings aren’t your Super Bowl appetizer of choice, no worries. Just head on over to our Super Bowl recipe headquarters to find tons of other snack recipes for the big game. Visit our friends at CBS Sports for all the need-to-know Super Bowl information this year.

7Easy Buffalo Wings

Easy Baked Buffalo Wings recipe with blue cheese

Classic Buffalo wings don’t need a whole lot of fuss. In fact, they don’t even need a deep-fryer. These babies get crispy by simply sitting under the broiler. Just toss them in a simple, two-ingredient Buffalo sauce and you’re good to go.



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